About Me

Scott Stephens from Montgomery County is a Cybersecurity SME and a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel with nearly

30 years of experience in intelligence and cybersecurity. As a Chief Technologist at Booz Allen

Hamilton, Scott leads projects, proposals, capability building, and people for third party risk

management and supply chain cybersecurity, information security risk management, information

sharing, and cybersecurity. He gained significant partner nation cyber capacity building

experience in Saudi Arabia by leading the design for information security strategy for select

Saudi Ministries. Prior to joining Booz Allen, Scott worked as the executive lead for world-

wide supply chain product protection and cybersecurity for Hewlett Packard Enterprise with one

of the world’s largest and most diverse supply chains spanning four continents and hundreds of

top suppliers and manufactures. As an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army, he gained expertise

in key intelligence activities within cybersecurity, SIGINT, HUMINT, and all-source

intelligence, at the operational and joint/strategic levels. In this capacity, he was responsible for

developing, planning, executing, managing, and assessing the training and operations of

complex multidiscipline cyber warfare and intelligence operations. Scott worked in several

locations around the world to include a year in Saudi Arabia, two years in Venezuela, one year

in South Korea, five years in Germany, and two combat tours in Iraq.


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