Scott Stephens Becomes a Cybersecurity Guru During His 21-year Stint in the U.S. Army

Scott Stephens Montgomery County

July 6, 2021

Scott Stephens Becomes a Cybersecurity Guru During His 21-year Stint in the U.S. Army

Scott Stephens Honed His Cybersecurity Expertise as an Intelligence Officer

“Cybersecurity is the art of protecting networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access or criminal use and the practice of ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information,” says Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. It’s this field of work that Scott Stephens specializes in as a cybersecurity software engineer.

Scott Stephens Proves His Worth in the U.S. Army

Armed with a Masters in Computer Resources and Information, Stephens took his cybersecurity work in the U.S. Army to greater heights. Scott Stephens worked as an Intelligence Officer during his 21-year stint in the army. His specialty in cybersecurity saw him globe-trotting and working in South America, the Middle East, Europe, and South Korea.

Scott Stephens worked as a strategist Intelligence Officer for cybersecurity, SIGINT, HUMINT, and ALL-SOURCE. As a result, his cybersecurity tentacles reached Germany, Iraq, and more. Working in the Army, Stephens specialized in Computer Network Operations (CNO) and cyber exploitation and security.

As a Senior Intelligence Officer, Scott Stephens was responsible for developing, planning & executing far-reaching operations, such as cyber warfare and intelligence missions. Scott Stephens served in a wide range of capacities at the operational, tactical, and strategic levels.

A Cybersecurity Software Engineer Takes Up Consulting Work

Since cybersecurity is critical in all business spheres, Scott Stephens is ready to offer his services as a cybersecurity software engineer consultant. Based in Montgomery County, he wants to use his cybersecurity expertise to help businesses insulate themselves from cyber-attacks and intrusions.

Businesses can have confidence in Stephen’s cybersecurity skills as he worked as a director for EG. Supply Chain Product Protection and Cybersecurity. Because of this, he carries with him nearly five years of experience in steering the well-known company to success in cybersecurity.

Scott ’ core duties were:

Creating the industry’s high-level SC CS capabilities and making Hewlett Packard (HP) Enterprise gain a competitive edge

Protecting the global supply chain product portfolio from cyber attacks

Formulating and implementing processes, controls, and policy to protect HP clients

Leading the company as a supply chain cyber thought and strategy leader

Owing to his sterling work in cybersecurity, he’s endorsed by several professionals and the RSA Conference. Stephens is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel with experience spanning nearly 30 years in intelligence and cybersecurity. He’s currently working as a cybersecurity software engineer consultant and can offer his expertise to businesses of all sizes.